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Game characters are usually heroes of great strength and wits. But what if you were just a small, helpless drop of water?

This is the story of I-Fluid, a very original game that challenges you to help a tiny water drop on its journey through an endless drainage system. This journey will take you through a variety of levels, all of them set in everyday places like a backyard, a kitchen, a student's desk, and a living room. Your aim is to find the exit to each one of these levels by slipping, crossing or jumping different objects.

All objects in I-Fluid, as well as the drop itself, follow strict physics rules – which you need to bear in mind if you want to succeed. Also, you'll have to fight against different sorts of enemies: avoid absorbent material that will drain your water (that is, your life) and beware also of thirsty insects. Luckily you can use damp areas and fresh fruit to get your water back.

I-Fluid features three different game modes and realistic graphics, which make the game entertaining and challenging. The game's music, on the contrary, tends to be a bit repetitive. However, the main drawback in I-Fluid is that it seems to be a bit buggy: I had to try the game on a different computer because it didn't work on mine, and I couldn't figure out why.

I-Fluid is a very original puzzle game in which you play as a water drop on its journey through highly detailed three-dimensional levels.



I-Fluid 1.0

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